Adventure Awaits

Some of us around here have been around the sun a few more times than we care to admit. Old bones, that like to announce themselves with creaks and squeaks, muscles that are more comfortable hiding behind layers of, ahem, energy stores, and hairlines that recede without our permission, are some of the challenges that come with the territory. “Youth is Wasted on the Young,” they say. Well, that could be true. But adding birthdays to our resume has several advantages too. New friendships are forged, new music is discovered and enjoyed, different foods excite our palettes are shared, our kiddos grow up and amaze, different bikes are ridden end enjoyed, and of course, new businesses are created. ROM was an idea born out of a celebration of a passion that some of us around here hold dear – riding bikes. We are looking forward to sharing this passion through our apparel and hope that you will like it as much as we enjoy making it. We are looking forward to the wild ride and hope that some of you will enjoy hanging on with us too!