Riding – What’s In It For Me?

“What’s in it for me?” People who have spent any time in business, may have heard this
acronym before. WIIFM. It’s supposed to denote why people would want to work with you. In
other words, “yeah, I hear you, and I get it, but what’s in it for me?” It is one of the first thing
that salespeople are taught. People don’t really care too much about the fact that you know
this, or have this great product to sell, or can provide a service that you didn’t know you
needed, unless you place it in such a way that they see themselves benefiting from said
product, or service, or knowledge that you espouse. Over the years I’ve had various discussions
with non-bike people why riding bikes is so important to me. It isn’t just because bikes are cool
(they are), or that riding them is fun (definitely), it’s a lot more than that. Sometimes it can be
difficult to explain because what should be a quick, 10 second answer, can quickly lead down a
rabbit hole of the physical and mental health benefits, the new communities we discover, new
friendships forged, new challenges bested, etc. Cycling to me is all of these things and more.
And over the years, I have extolled these benefits to anyone willing to listen. But cycling is also
an introspection. We all have our reasons, and we all create stories. Every time I put on my
riding shoes, snap my helmet into place, adjust my glasses, I know that I am about to add
another chapter to my adventure book. I might have a great ride, or I might crash. I might get
a flat, or I might conquer an obstacle that has eluded me for years. Or I might simply do the
same loop I do over and over and nothing momentous happens. And that’s perfectly ok. All
that mattered is that I went out again. I added more script to the page. So, after all these
years, when I set out for a ride, I don’t have to ask myself, “what’s in it for me?” Because I
already know the answer. Everything.